In an Artist/Craftsman it’s the degree of life force canonized into craft. The degree; the purity; the intensity. We can relate to the work of individuals to the magnificent communal creations of unknown, humble artisans of past age and draw inspiration.
— Soetsu Yanag, The Unknown Craftsman

About Sojen Design

Sojen is a custom contemporary design studio with a focus on an aesthetic of simplicity and intrinsic beauty. The integrity of craft is the driving force in our ability to design and produce quality pieces of furniture and sculpture. The intention is that each piece that is crafted expresses a sense of beauty and intrigue.

Sojen believes that the objects that you have around you, the places where they came from, and the people who build them all add a spiritual value to the space that each piece occupies. These objects are an expression of a time and place that will carry on for generations.

Sojen is committed to high quality craftsmanship and sustainability, therefore whenever possible we use locally harvested material and finish our pieces with hand rubbed oil.